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Approved Authorizers for Combat Archery Marshals-in-Training

The following people are currently approved to sign off on the Marshal-in-Training Logs for Combat Archery Marshals-in-Training. Simply being a Combat Archery Marshal does not give you the authority to sign off on training logs. To become an approved authorizer and be added to this list, contact Erik Erikson .

Approved Authorizers

SCA Name Mundane Name Contact HOME REGION
Erik Erikson the Scout Ernie Husted Send Email Southern Oaken
Sarah of the Erie Sea Sarah True Send Email Northern Oaken


Current status of Warranted Combat Archery Marshals

& Marshals in Training                              May 29, 2017


                       North Oaken (Northern Ohio)

14 -  Warranted CA Marshals                 2 - MIT's 

                      South Oaken   (Southern Ohio & Kentucky)

​11 -  Warranted CA Marshals                 4 - MIT's 

                       Constellation (Indiana)

​1 -  Warranted CA Marshals                 4 - MIT's 

                       Midlands (Illinois & Scott County, Iowa)

​9 -  Warranted CA Marshals                 2 - MIT's

                   Pentamere (Lower Peninsula of Michigan

                                            & Essex County in Ontario)

​15 -  Warranted CA Marshals                 2 - MIT's